to lose belly fat..

We know that the only way to lose the frustrating belly fat is by exercising. However, there are studies that prove that you can also lose belly fat by don’t doing exercises. This will definitely help you lose the excess belly fat without doing a single exercise.

The food that we consume and the hours we sleep highly affect the outer appearance of our body. The inner part of our body is also affected by the food and the sleep. You can forget about the stubborn problem of belly fat if you eat and sleep normally.

1.Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Our bodies are not capable to produce omega-3. Therefore, we must eat foods that contain omega-3 or consume the needed omega-3 fatty acids through supplements. The omega-3 helps the body to breakdown the excess belly fat.
Fish oils decrease the high blood sugar levels and these sugar levels produce insulin that enables the body to burn the belly fat. You can consume enough omega-3 fatty acids if you eat halibut, flax seeds, walnuts, sardines, Brussels sprouts and salmon.

2.Consume More Proteins

If you want to lose weight you must increase your protein intake. This important micronutrient is beneficial for the muscle mass and the function of your metabolism.
Studies showed that consuming enough animal protein reduces the possibility of more belly fat. Protein, unlike fats and carbohydrates, stimulates your body to burn calories. Besides food rich in protein, you can also take protein supplements.

3.Drink Green Tea

Drinking green tea will help you lose the excess belly fat. Drinking five cups of tea a day will help you lose two pounds according to recent research. Green tea stimulates your fat cells to release fat. Then, it stimulate the liver to burn those same fats rapidly. The reason for this are the compounds contained in green tea which are called catechins. The catechins break the fat tissues apart by simply stimulating your metabolism.

4.Consume Dark Chocolate

Consume more black chocolate, but in normal amounts, if you want to get rid of your belly fat, and the extra fats in your entire body. Dark chocolate has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics, because it contains flavonoids. These compounds are healthy for your heart as well. The dark chocolate that you chose to consume must contain 70 percent of cacao at least. The more cacao, the merrier J.

5.Enough Sleep Time

Sleep deprivation is extremely dangerous for your health. Lack of sleep can result in irregular release of hormones, hunger, increased appetite and negative changes in your metabolism. Most of us believe that we always burn calories when we are awake. However, this is a huge mistake. If you are sleep deprived, your metabolism will not be able to burn the calories and it will even be unable to function properly.


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