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Business ownership in malaysia..

Wah,now tengah mengajar subtopic saja la nak up gak link ni..hehehe..

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Jom cuba

Monday, December 1, 2014

Jom detox dengan #rejuvy..

Rejuvy is a detox drink, formulated by puan laily ahmad,a pharmacist. Memiliki farmasi Nextage Pharmacy di serdang. Details,bileh type rejuvy... saya dealer area pulau pinag.. boleh pos ke mana sahaja.. 0194495191

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dari nenek untuk anda.. petua orang tua.. ehem ehem

Ni ha petua orang2 tua untuk asthma, bronkitis,batuk, paru-paru...

Lagi lagi genius hack for cleaning

Pucuk labu

Pernah makan pucuk labu tak?saya pernah tgk sayur ni dan pertama kali cuba sayur di masa di kantin politeknik,kak ema ayam panglima yang biat sayur pucuk labu goreng belacan..punyala sedap rasanya sebab setiap hari saya mengharap agar ada sayur ni kat gerai dia tapi hampa..sebab hanya ada bayam lepas2 sy beli la kat pasar malam..hanya uncle ni je la jual..terpaksa la jgk beli dr dia kan..murah je, 1 ikat rm1.00..maka balik buat goreng belacan..kali kedua beli,try buat masak lemak..pergh,pueh hati..hehhe..
Resepi dari tenet.. kalo resepi di tiffinbiru buat masak lemak putih,saya tambah kunyit la utk jadi masak lemak kuning.hehe..

Attending HLA course..

Today,from penang to kelana jaya..moved off at 4.30am,touched down kelana jaya at 10.30am..meeting mrs asroma and mrs wini..but i have no picture of them..huhu.. they tought us how to approch people in mannner ways and i very impressed by mrs wini.. beautiful and friendly mrs.wini... so guys out there, jom sign up dengan HLA. Especially women plan yang dah nak close end of this year.. serendah rm100 sebulan.. women ni, bersalin dapat claim rm600 utk satu malam tau.. contact me farrah 0194495191

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Kids games

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Jom kreatif!!

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20 Fun No-Sew Fabric Crafts

20 Fun No-Sew Fabric Crafts

So I have something to admit. I have kind of an embarrasingly large fabric stash. I’ve decided I’m not allowed to buy anymore (unless it’s a crafting emergency!) until I a make dent in what I have. Lucky for me there are a gazillion ways to use fabric. There are so many beautiful sewing projects but there are other great ideas too and today I’m sharing some with you! Please be sure to pin from the original source!
20 Fun No-Sew Fabric Crafts |
DIY Fabric Decals from My Poppet
DIY Fabric Flowers from We Can Make Anything
 Stamping on Fabric from Peanut and Olive
Fabric Covered Planters from Henry Happened
DIY Fabric Covered Frame by Cloer and Dot
Dip Dye Ombre Tea Towel cover_thumb[8]
Dip Dyed Ombre Tea Towel by Personally Andrea
DIY Framed Fabric Speakers from Farm Fresh Therapy
Fabric Scrap Garland by Clever Thursday
No Sew Fabric Headband by Sew McCool
Infinity Scarf 05
Cover Lampshades with Fabric by How About Orange
DIY Fabric Bowls by Red Brolly
no-sew-cloth-napkins (1)
No Sew Fabric Napkins by The Sweetest Occasion
No Sew Favor Bags from Intimate Wedding
Picture Frame Pin Cushion from Craftaholics Anonymous
Denim Flowers from Between the Lines
fabric wall pocket 4_thumb[2]
No Sew Fabric Wall Pocket from Abernathy Crafts
DIY Fabric Tape from My Poppet
Fabric Covered Boxes from Mallory Paige

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happy birthday sayang.. fatnin raina..4 years old...

Dah 4 tahun anak mama yg sulung ni..semoga Allah memberkati hodup fatnin dunia akhirat.semoga jadi anak yg baik...aaaminn..mama always loves you sayang...muahhhh...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Erk,sudah lama bersawang

Assalamualaikum..lama giler tak tulis blog..hari2 rasa nak menulis,tapi kekangan masa..kunun nak type cite masa ngaap mmg tak sempat la nak menaip depan pc.last2 kena menaip dgn hp jgk la jwbnya..hari ni jerebu teruk..plan nak g p.mlm,tp mengenang nak heret anak2 dalam keadaan jerebu ni,cancelled!senang g drive thru kfc je la.huhu...

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Green tea powder


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Cinnamon cinnamon

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Craetive tips
Making Life Easier One Tip at a Time
Here is another post full of amazing tips to help you make life a little easier.

Use flower pots to keep bugs and dirt off of your food during an outdoor BBQ. Tie a loop in a length of rope and slip it through the hole in the bottom for a simple handle. Source

Waste less water. The water you use to boil vegetables, eggs, and pasta is full of nutrients that your plants will love. (Be sure to let the water cool before watering your plants.) You can also water your plants with the water from your fish tank after you clean it.
Soaking your popcorn kernels in water for a few minutes will help the corn pop quicker and result in few unpopped kernels.
When preparing tacos, line your taco shell with a large lettuce leaf. If the shell breaks (like most of them do) the lettuce leaf will hold the rest of the contents together.

A simple way to hang a heavy item on the wall. Cut a length of wood in half at a 45 degree angle. Attach one piece to the wall and the other to the back of the object you are hanging. Source

If you accidentally burn your gravy just transfer it to another pan and continue cooking it. Slowly add sugar (tasting as you go to avoid adding too much). The sugar will cancel out any of the burnt taste.
It's always a good idea to wear gloves while chopping chili peppers. However, if you don't have any gloves on hand, try rubbing cooking oil on your hand before you begin cutting. The cooking oil will keep the your skin from absorbing the oil on the peppers.
Place a marshmallow in the bottom of your cone before filling it with ice cream. This will stop any ice cream from dripping out the bottom of the cone and minimize messes.

To soften butter quickly, place it between two sheets of wax paper. Using a rolling pin, roll out the butter until it is about 1/4 inch thick.

When you freeze a block of bacon, you have to thaw out the entire block at once. So what do you do if you only want to that out a few pieces? Before freezing, lay out a long sheet of wax paper. Starting a couple inches from the end of the paper, lay each individual strip of bacon vertically across the wax paper leaving an inch gap between each strip. Once your paper is full, start at one end and begin rolling up your paper and bacon. Place the entire thing in the freezer. When you need bacon, unroll your wrap, take out as much bacon as you need then place the rest back in the freezer.
If you are heading to the beach, place your phone inside a small Ziploc bag. The bag will keep your phone dry and you can still use it through the plastic.

Recycle a soda box to organize cans in your pantry! Source

Add grommets around the edge of a vinyl tablecloth. After placing your tablecloth over your outdoor table, Stretch bungee cords under the table slipping each end into a grommet on the table cloth. This will keep your tablecloth (and everything on it) from blowing away if it gets windy.

A simple way to squeeze lemons is by placing them between a pair of tongs. Source

Glue a magnet to the side of a paintbrush. When you need a break from painting, stick the paintbrush to the inside edge of your paint can. Any drips will drip back into the paint can and stay off of the floor.
Ever try to fill a frosting bag and end up with more frosting on the counter than in the bag? Place the bag inside a tall glass then fold the open end over the outside of the glass. This will hold the bag in place while you fill it and eliminate the mess.

Use a light bulb carton to protect photos when sending them through the mail.

For perfect French tips, wrap a rubber band around your nail and stretch it tight. While you are painting the tip of your nail the rubber band will keep the polish where you want it and form a nice even line.
Try this super simple trick to peel an entire head of garlic in a cinch. Place your head of garlic on a hard surface such as a table or counter. Using a cutting board, your hand, or other solid object, push down on the top of the garlic until it smashes and separates the cloves. Now place the cloves inside a food storage container and violently shake the container for about 15 seconds. That's it! The shaking will separate the peels from the cloves and you just saved yourself a several minutes of peeling garlic.

Screw a hook into the underside of your kitchen cabinets or a shelf in your pantry. Use an S hook to hang your bananas and keep them off the counter. Source

Use Drain cleaner to remove stains from concrete. Pour the drain cleaner on the stain, wait a couple minutes, then wash it off.
Use a Lazy Susan in your fridge to organize your condiments. This will keep things from getting lost in the back of your fridge.
Slip a bungee cord around your existing curtain rod to hang a second panel. Hang blackout curtains or sheer panels behind your existing curtains. 

Use a paper clip to put on a bracelet. Source

Clean the top of your ceiling fans with a paint roller and extension handle. Wrap a dryer sheet around a clean paint roller and secure with rubber bands. Attach your extension handle and swipe the roller across the top and bottom of each fan blade.
When pouring liquids from a large container hold a straw across the top of the opening. The liquid will run down the straw and you will avoid any drips down the side of the container.

Cut a slit in a plastic lid and slide it over your paintbrush to control paint splatter. Source

Remove scuff marks from your floor by rubbing over them with a dry tennis ball.
When ironing your shirts, use a hair straightener to iron those hard to reach areas in between buttons and around the collar.
Replace the plastic tube in a spray bottle with a more flexible one (found in hardware stores), then glue a couple nuts around the end of the tube. The nuts will act as a weight, keeping the end of the tube in the solution, allowing your to spay even when the bottle is turned upside down.

Use a paper clip holder for you bobby pins. Source

Use a paper towel holder to organize ribbons and rolls of tape.
Covered in sand after a day at the beach? Dump a small amount of baby powder onto your hands and rub over your arms, and legs to remove the sand.
A toothbrush holder is the perfect size for holding straws. Keep them in your purse in case you ever need them. Great for traveling or going to restaurants with toddlers. 

Do your kids make a mess with the toothpaste? Squeeze the toothpaste into a clean soap dispenser.  This will eliminate the mess while providing just the right amount of toothpaste for your kiddos. You could also wrap a hairband around the neck of the dispenser to keep it from squirting out too much toothpaste. Source

To wash tennis shoes in the washing machine, tie a large knot in the shoelaces. Place the shoes in the washer with the laces laying across the top of the door. Close the door making sure the knot is on the outside of the washer. This will hold the shoes against the door while washing and keep the noise level down.
If you want to listen to music on your phone but don't have any speakers, try placing your phone inside a glass. The music will echo and fill the room.
Save your child's birthday cards. Punch holes in them and store them in a binder then give it to them as a gift when they are older.

Fold a 'pocket' into your wrapping paper to hold cards and gift tags.

Dry your clothes faster and save money on your electric bill by tossing a clean dry towel in with your wet clothes.
Using pine cones as mulch will keep dogs and other critters out of your flower and veggie garden. 

Use an arts & crafts organizer to corral food while traveling in the car.

If you have some old wooden drawers that are hard to open try rubbing a candle stick on the tracks. The wax will help the drawers open and close smoothly without sticking.
Apply a cotton ball soaked in vinegar to fresh bruises. The vinegar will help reduce any darkness and cause the bruise to disappear faster.

Thaw out meat quickly. Heat some water in a pan until it reaches 140* then turn your burner off. Place your meat inside a food storage bag and place into the hot water. Chicken will take about 10 minutes to thaw and other cuts will take around 12 minutes. This method will not cook the meat and most importantly, bacteria will not develop. Source

To tell if an avocado is ripe or not just pop off the stem. If the skin under the stem is dark the fruit is too ripe. If the skin under the stem is light in color then it is just right.
Speaking of avocados, did you know that you can freeze them? Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit. Wrap each half individually in saran wrap and place inside a freezer safe bag. When you need to use one just place it in the fridge the night before to thaw out. 
And one more avocado tip. Did you know that you can replace the butter in your cookie recipes with mashed avocado? You won't be able to taste the avocado in the cookies but it will cut down the fat content as well as the number of calories.

Build a trellis to shade plants such as lettuce that require less sun.

Pour cupcake batter without the mess. Clean out used condiment containers such as ketchup and mustard bottles. Pour in your batter then squeeze into the cupcake pan.
Add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to your paint (1 tablespoon per gallon) before you begin painting your home. This will not affect the paint color, however, it will mask paint fumes and your entire home will smell like vanilla.

Clean your fireplace glass using a wet paper towel dipped in ashes. The ashes will scrub off any dirt and charcoal.

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Tips lagi..

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Asingkan tidur

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Homestay casa de raina seberang jaya

Rate rm200 satu malam..fully furnished.. basic astro,3 queen beds, 2 units airconditioner, washing machine, fridge, dining table, sofa, fans, kettle, stove, rice cooker, cutlery, crockery. Boleh hubungi saya farrah 0194495191

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Creative,simple yet nice

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E filing...

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