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why english???

why i wrote in english???
challenge myselfimprove myselfto practice
i'm bad in grammar,so i need to improve myself..
lots of weak grammar here and there,

 but, please ignore if u have no intention to correct me.. but, if u want help me to improve my english( oh my english !!!), please please do leave a message..i will appreciate it lotsssssss.. really..


i'm crazy for shooooeeessssss and sandalllssss!!! most of my friends knew it.. today, hubby,fatnin n me went to carrefour seberang jaya @seberang perai. hubby wants to register astro for our homestay, casa de raina at seberang jaya, penang. on our way to the astro booth,i saw 'closing down sales' at Studio, sport clothing and shoes shop..hubby dont wants to come inside coz he is not interested( at first..hehe).. but i insist him to come along.i need a new sport shoes. and finally, 3 pair of shoes for 3 people..fatnin got a white pink nike shoes, hubby chose a pair of brown adidas and me, myself, a slightly white pink adidas, everyone happy has a pair of shoes.hehehe.

arriving home safely..

alhamdulillah,i was arrived home,rest myself after a long trip.penang to kl to penang..on my way back home to penang, i met a lebanese woman from melbourne named mayada chamma with 2 children and a husband(of course 1 husband,rite..hehe)who want to go to penang,langkawi and kl..very nice women..hope they have a nice vacation too..

meeting at putrajaya

attending bc 101 syllabus meeting..went to putrajaya with friend.we lost..i know nothing about putrajaya last,we found galeria.big building.we have our breakfast at 8.30, and the meeting starts at 9am..most of meeting commitees pop up with good ideas..not bored..good..but so many changes in this syllabus for june 2013..

many blogs

it's hard to manage many blogs, i decide to put everything only in this blog. no more blogsssssss...hehehehe

at kampung

alhamdulillah, now i am at my kampung. 5 months not seeing my parents(lama giler dah tu kan, padahal penang -trg je pun). fatnin talked to her grandparents only via phone call and skype . em,  i took one week leave. bestnya rest kat kampung..hehehe.. my parents were happy with fatnin around them.. so happy for them too.. :)