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~~a new laptop~~

lalalalala..laptop lama hancuss!! hard disk still at IT zone. repairing by mr.hisham. but still dunno, ok or sad if it not ok lagi many pics in that hard disk..but thanks God, i already saved a lot of fatnin's pics from day one till 7 months in dvd..
enough about that sad story of my lappy. now, i am using a new asus laptop.only rm1290. the cheapest (setakat i survey laa) 14" display screen, window 7 ori.. ok kut that price kan..hopefully, it stay longer..
today is the first day KSS's class ( kursus secara sambilan). i am teaching Math B3001. statistic. only 1 student.hehehe..C2 already..already failed 2 times.hopefully, he gets a good result this time ye zaki..

now, story of my sweetheart yg cumell, fatnin.. first time ever, we brought her to the taman tunku at seberang jaya. she quite sleepy at that time. we arrived at that park and snapped a few pics, then put her in stroller, she started  to lentok dah..haiya fatnin.. so, all the pics dah tak menarik la…

hobby and teeths..

emm, now she has 6 teeths, here is her hobby.. bite my hbag's tag..

after dah puas hati gigit.. " still ok ke tag mama ni ek? check..check.."

fatnin and her teeths...

fatty me..huhuhu...

fatnin n her inflated pool



today, i feel so release after submit folio. then, i searched for my SKT marks from 2008 till 2010..almost 6 years working here, i just knew that we have right to know that mark..alahai.. emm, suddenly i think about my lil princess. next monday, i go to shah alam, CPCM course. how is she without me for one week...? sedey la..huhuhu...
emm, not in writing mood rite now..backpain lor..need to stop now..nite.. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ

half is gone..other half is still waiting..sob sob sob... :(

half of busy mode is gone..PPK : DONE !! folio DH44 : half way... CPCM : waiting... classes : postponed.. uwaaaa..still in bz mode..haa, one more, BTN : waiting...but i really need my boss helps me this time..please, dont let me gooooo to BTN... Help !!!!!

mode : as busy as a bee...

busy nk mintak kenaikan pangkat DH44.. doakan kami semua di JMSK dan suami ku juga,dapat naik 44 and still stay kat PSP..amin.. :)
(still nk stay kat PSP n nk duk bersama2 geng2 JMSK yg best ni..hehehe)

amiza..long term fren..

the last time i met her, before she's married. maybe 6@7 years ago.. lama giler babe..

guess where?

nice rite? perhentian island..never been there..huhuhu..pic taken by hubby..he was there on 14th July 2011..
grilled chicken with wedges..
recipe from chef hanieliza's book.
A :  5 chicken wings 1 tblspn honey 1 tblspn oyster sauce salt 3 tblspn cooking oil
B: crushed 2 inch ginger 1 tblspn blackpepper 3 cloves garlic
1. put all the ingredient to the chicken and mix well to coat. leave to marinate for 1 hour. 2. grill...

lamb stew

cooked by hubby.. :)


almost 2 weeks ago..

simple recipe.. 1/4 cup chicken stock 1/4 cup lemon juice 200g butter (chilled and diced)
1. pour the stock n lemon juice into a small pan. simmer for 3 mins. 2. whisk in the butter a few pieces at a time. do not allow the sauce to boil ok.. 3. salmon tu, just cook in frying pan.. 4. spoon the sauce over the fish.