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Silica gel

Copy cat recipes..

Genius kitchen

Kegunaan tea tree,hebat!



Wire shelves flat

Jom minum apple cedar!

Craetive tips
Making Life Easier One Tip at a Time
Here is another post full of amazing tips to help you make life a little easier.
Use flower pots to keep bugs and dirt off of your food during an outdoor BBQ. Tie a loop in a length of rope and slip it through the hole in the bottom for a simple handle. Source
Waste less water. The water you use to boil vegetables, eggs, and pasta is full of nutrients that your plants will love. (Be sure to let the water cool before watering your plants.) You can also water your plants with the water from your fish tank after you clean it.
Soaking your popcorn kernels in water for a few minutes will help the corn pop quicker and result in few unpopped kernels.
When preparing tacos, line your taco shell with a large lettuce leaf. If the shell breaks (like most of them do) the lettuce leaf will hold the rest of the contents together.
A simple way to hang a heavy item on the wall. Cu…

Tips lagi..

Re-grow vege..jom tanam!

Drawer divider using foam.. jimat

No clutter!

Corner shelves


Pickle pickle..

Jom draw kat dinding rumah kita.hehehe

Rumah kontena

Menarik.. home ideas

Jom buat softener baju!

Beeswax lipbalm

Uat sendiri,bukan beli2..hehehe

100 chores.. hehe

Kegunaan lain baking soda