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house is sold..

perdana de raina homestay at bertam perdana kepala batas available on :

28 may - 1 jun 20123 jun - 8 jun9 jun and so on for more view, feel free to click link above. on this page..

i passed the exam!!!!

alhamdulillah, i passed ceili exam..i really glad coz i  hv not enough time to study all the topic in texts book.for pce paper,i only read Q&A. same goes to ceili paper..but thanks to Allah.alhamdulillah. tomorrow i will start do my proposal. 3 weeks in a row, none stop tasks..

mode: busy as a bee but still need to rest my mind..

emm,surfing la.. fav page : princessvictoria hehe

flawless zone air itam penang

flawless zone beauty spa this is my first time i went to flawless zone at air itam farlim,penang.went there with shuhada,newly,not yet..bride to n im satisfied with their service..the spa is very clean,nice and the staffs are very friendly.everything is good..thumbsssss up for flawless zone..hehe

postponed post

saturday post..that postponed...

homestay at seberang jaya available on :
 1. 28-29 may
 2. 31 may - 1 jun
 3. 3 jun and so on

today i will be sit an insurance exam: ceili.. wish me all the best and pass that exam..insyaAllah..amin.. the exam will be start at 5 until 6.30, 60 questions about investment. last week i sat for PCE exam and passed. alhamdulillah. hopefully i pass this ceili exam too. then next task is, write a proposal to further study in master of instructional multimedia at usm.. may Allah give me the best in my life and hope He bless me and i am blessed by Him.. amin..

casa de raina

alhamdulillah Allah memberi rezeki kepada saya untuk menjadikan rumah casa prima sebagai Casa De Raina Homestay. walaupun peralatan adalah simple sahaja, tapi moga-moga homestay ini mendapat sambutan. InsyaAllah. jika sesiapa ingin mencari homestay sekitar Penang, boleh la menempahnya. alamat homestay ini adalah di Apartment Casa Prima, Taman Sutera Prima, Seberang Jaya, Penang. lokasi strategik sekitar bandar seberang jaya, berhampiran dengan carrefour, hospital, tesco, sunway carnival dan lain-lain lagi. gambar akan dimuatnaik nanti.

bersalin yang boleh claim!!

Delivered baby and got money. It gives me an adrenaline rush.Hahaha.. I am excited to deliver baby as soon as possible.Why? Because at this time, I can claim a cheque...syokrite? em, but I am still not pregnant's ok, i can wait it..hehhe.. Actually it is not all about money for me myself. It is for new baby laa... so, i can spend more to him/her.. ori put into his/her saving account, for their sake rite? Talking about having a cheque, my fren, zakiah will be delivered a baby sooner. This time, she can claims a cheque up to, so excited on behalf of her..hahaha..